Scope of Application and Advantages of using the concrete laser leveling screed for construction


JOINTSEN provides a one-stop solution for concrete laser leveling machine from research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical services. Our concrete laser leveling machine is mainly suitable for the vibrating, pulping and leveling of wide and large concrete floors. The effect is excellent and can avoid conventional problems such as ground peeling in the later stage.

Scope of application

1.   Indoor floor:①General industrial plants, workshops, automated three-dimensional warehouses;②Clean workshops for electronic appliances, food materials, medicine, etc.; ③Large warehouse supermarkets, logistics centers, exhibition centers, etc.

2.  Outdoor floor: ①Wharf, container yard, freight yard; ②Airport runways, apron, parking lot; ③Square, residential ground, municipal road, etc. 

Construction site of laser leveling machine

Advantages of using a concrete laser leveling screed for construction

1.     Less flatness error

The concrete laser leveling screed is mainly used in large-area floor construction, the ground elevation is easy to control, and the flatness error is extremely small. Due to the use of laser point-to-point, the entire floor only needs 1-2 reference point elevations, which can reduce errors caused by multiple reference points.

The laser transmitters are arranged independently, and the floor elevation is always controlled by the plane formed by the rotating beam emitted by the laser transmitter. As long as the laser transmitter is not disturbed, no matter where the floor concrete laser leveler goes, the paving can be guaranteed. The overall elevation of the rear ground is not affected, so that large-scale one-time paving in the construction of the floor can be realized, and the levelness and flatness of the entire floor can be guaranteed.

The concrete laser leveling machine controls the elevation in real time by the laser measurement and control system. The leveling does not need to pull the control line, nor does it need the side formwork in the middle to control the ground elevation, thus avoiding the vibration of the formwork (channel steel) during the construction process. The elevation error also reduces the elevation error caused by the traditional manual block support.

Construction schematic

2.     Better ground integrity

Concrete laser leveling machine, used in ground construction, is very easy to achieve one-time overall paving of large areas of ground. This paving technology can be arbitrarily divided into blocks and constructed according to needs, and continuous operation until the entire ground is completed, making the ground more integral. Well, this is not possible with traditional construction techniques.

3.     The ground is more compact and uniform

When leveling the concrete, the concrete laser leveling screed is always in the construction state of driving at a constant speed. The high-frequency vibrator of 4,000 times per minute makes the vibration plate of the leveling head generate uniform high-frequency vibration, making the concrete floor more compact and uniform.

Construction rendering

4.     High construction efficiency

In the large-scale floor construction, the traditional manual construction, the team consists of about 15 people, and the workload of a single shift is about 1100 square meters.

In comparison, using the concrete laser leveling machine, the operation efficiency is greatly improved. About 8 workers form a construction team, which can complete 300 square meters of paving work per hour, and an average single shift can complete 2500 to 3500 square meters, especially suitable for Projects with tight schedule requirements, large paving area and high-quality requirements.

Table:Comparison of construction effect between traditional construction and laser leveling screed

5.     High degree of automation and low labor intensity. Reduce formwork and channel steel.

The concrete laser leveling screed can be operated by a single person. It is applied to the ground construction, so that the heavy manual labor is replaced by mechanical paving, vibrating, leveling, pulping, and plastering, which greatly reduces the number of operators and labor intensity.

The realization of one-time paving construction in large-area blocks eliminates the need for formwork in the middle of blocks. While reducing formwork and channel steel, the construction process is further reduced and the construction progress is accelerated.

Block construction comparison diagram

6.     The post-maintenance cost of the ground is greatly reduced

Concrete laser leveling machine is used in large-area floor construction. While reducing construction joints, it can also effectively solve problems such as hollowing, shelling, cracking, and unevenness on the ground, which greatly reduces the later maintenance costs of the floor.

Nowadays, many project parties have higher requirements for ground construction standards and specify the use of laser leveling machines.Anyway, it is a development trend to popularize the use of laser leveling machine for concrete pouring and leveling. 

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