The Five Features of Ride-on Power Trowel


Nowadays, more and more construction teams choose the ride-on power trowels for smoothing and polishing the concrete floors. Why are they willing to pay more for the ride-on power trowel instead of the walk-behind power trowels? That's because of the below five features of the ride-on power trowel.

1.    Work more effective. The ride-on power trowel has double disc with higher power and work more effective. High efficiency is required when polishing the concrete floors. If the equipment is working slowly, the concrete floor will dry before the construction is completed. This leads to unqualified ground, and the labor costs and time are wasted. Therefore, if it is a large-scale ground polishing project, everyone has the same voice and chooses the ride-on power trowel.

double disc

2.    Save the labor cost. Some contractors might say that the walk-behind power trowel is less expensive. But after carefully analyze, only the unit price of the equipment is cheaper, it does not mean that the total cost of the project is lower. Compare to a walk-behind power trowel, the price of a ride-on power trowel is higher, but it can replace the workload of 6 workers around. This greatly reduces the labor cost of the project. The purchase of the ride-on power trowel is a one-time investment, although the initial investment is higher, it will save more money in later period. After all the labor cost is a huge long-term expenditure in one project. The smart contractors know how to figure this out.

ride-on trowel

3.    More comfortable and smooth operation. As its name suggests, the ride-on trowel operates from a seated position, two joysticks on the front. Sitting operation improves the operator's comfort.

4.    More powerful. The ride-on power trowel is equipped with a more powerful engine compare to the walk-behind power trowel, which makes it provide more strong and reliable power.

equipped with Honda GX690

5.    Much Safer. The ride-on trowel is easy to start and is equipped with a safety switch to quickly shut down the engine for safety. During traditional manual leveling construction, workers' hands, back and knees are easily damaged. However, using a ride-on power trowel for smoothing, the workers sit on it to control the construction without causing physical damage, and the ground effect is more uniform.

switch operation

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