Ride on power Trowels Offer Faster, Less Expensive Polishing Method


The predecessor of power trowel gear for grinding and polishing can date back to the early 1990s, when George Wagman responded to a contractor's request to attach a brush to the power trowel as a way to remove dissipative resin-curing compounds from concrete the wrist of. At the beginning of the new millennium, brush systems for scrubbing and stripping followed, and eventually rotary devices for pads, bristles, polishing, stripping, and scrubbing.

using ride-on power trowel

Arguably, this practice of grinding and polishing with power trowel is growing in popularity, in part due to the challenges of a tight labor market. But representatives of companies involved in the business say faster turnarounds and the resulting cost savings are the main drivers.

ride-on power trowel

The ride-on power trowel opens the door to faster processing. A job that might have taken 10 days now takes three. Using the power trowel builds faster and needs less scarce labor. It's a win-win. Ride-on power trowel offers the potential to make polished concrete cost-competitive for use in large facilities, such as warehouses, large stores, aircraft hangars, and other sprawling commercial spaces. In general, any concrete construction works that more than 5,000 square feets.

High-quality concrete troweling and polishing results

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